Skilled nursing services including
– post hospitalization observation and assessment, teaching with the patient and their family on disease process, medication, diet and disease management. Medication management, intravenous medication infusion, wound care, total joint and other orthopedic nursing management. Congestive Heart Failure and Diabetic management. End-of-Life care. Other services as ordered by your physician.

Physical Therapy services including – gait and balance training, strengthening, functional mobility training. Total joint and other orthopedic rehab. Post stroke and spinal injury rehab. Bladder incontinence and pain management program. Fall prevention program, anodyne therapy for wound healing and treatment of neuropathy. Other services as order by your physician.

Occupational Therapy services including – post stroke and spinal cord rehab. Activities of daily living rehab (these are activities that make it possible for the patient to resume their self-care, such as bathing, dressing, cooking, etc.). Upper extremity strengthening and functional mobility training. Other services as ordered by your physician.

Speech Therapy services including – post stroke, speech, communication and swallow rehab.

Medical Social Worker services including – short and long term care planning (these are services, such as accessing community resources or state programs, financial planning, assisted living or nursing home placement) and psychosocial intervention to help the patient and their family understand and accept the lifestyle changes that may be necessary to control their illness.

Home Health Aide services including – assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, light housekeeping of bathroom and bedroom and light meal prep while the patient is recuperating from their illness.

Specialty Programs include: Anodyne Therapy, Zoe Monitor, Fall Prevention Program, Orthopedic Program, Bladder Incontinence Program, Bladder Scanner



Anodyne Therapy – Anodyne therapy is a single wavelength of infrared light. This energy penetrates the skin causing a cascade of biochemical events that increases circulation and reduces pain. Anodyne therapy can be used to increase circulation to tissues and nerves, helping with wound healing and neuropathy. It can also be used to temporarily decrease pain, reduce edema, decrease inflammation and increase range of motion.

Zoe Monitor – a device that is used to monitor fluid levels. Zoe is a quick and easy method for determining whether individuals are experiencing fluid congestion or dehydration. The device can be used as an early predictor of congestion in heart failure, showing changes as early as two weeks prior to weight gain. The patient can benefit by decreasing emergency room visits and re-hospitalizations and developing a higher level of awareness and understanding of disease process and treatment.

Fall Prevention Program – Physical Therapists use this program to improve the patient’s strength and balance. This helps to reduce the patient’s risk for falls.

Orthopedic Program – Physical Therapists are trained to use techniques and modalities to accomplish the best rehabilitative results following orthopedic surgery. The program addresses patients who have undergone total joint replacement, fracture repair and bone injury from trauma.

Bladder Incontinence Program – Physical Therapists implement this nationally tested program that is easy to follow and proven to be effective. This is a good program for anyone who experiences any degree of bladder incontinence.

Bladder Scanner – a device that is used to scan the bladder to determine if it is emptying completely when urinating. This procedure may be used to help diagnose the reason for frequent Urinary Tract Infections or Bladder Incontinence.



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